News flash...Update will not load past 10%

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Hopefully someone sees this and can help. I'm an all day every day player. I have been for 2 seasons. I have an 80k+ team that I've built by offers and videos primarily. Hell, I'm even the leader of a second year club I started in April 2018.  

I've contacted customer service thru an old version of the game, and I've contacted them thru the web.

I deleted and reinstalled the game many times yesterday. I've done it a few times today as well. However, I get the same result. Load screen goes to 10%, freezes for a few seconds, and the app closes down.

I've written about this in a review on the play store. I've tweeted about it on Glu's Twitter page. I've posted on Facebook, and I've started a few conversations here.  

The weekend is half over now, and I still can't play. 

PLEASE fix this!!!  Obviously, I'm in a small group that's having this problem. However, it's effecting many.  It's even shutting VIPs out. 


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    Why this screen shot?
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    garrett87 said:
    Why this screen shot?
     I've got a few threads running about this problem. It was easier than writing it again lol

    Customer service has really dropped the ball on this. 
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