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Hey all. Just started this game a week ago and I’m loving it ( huge MLB fan and huge fan of sim line games ) have some questions on strategy mostly on best ways to improve upon your team early , esp regarding clubs . 

Last week i was on a starting bronze club with very few inactive players . Managed to already get my team strength to 40 k so won a few of the club versus and the match mvp was a beard box ( which I got two players from throughout the week ) 

upon seeing  that the rewards for mvp and high round high this week were reduced to not get a box from bronze, I figured I wanted to try a higher ranking club and joined one that was a platinum ranking . It has several 90k teams so obviously I’m not winning anything ( I also am not coming CLOSE to scoring what they are scoring , do the club versus get harder if your club is a higher rank )the loyalty boxes are better and rewards slightly better but I’m not sure it’s worth it for ME right now. I’m looking to maximize my teams strength so I can start competing at higher levels . 

Right now I am at 40k strength and silver veteran ( I know the game gets harder between gold and silver, but what about between ranks of silver ) I’m waiting until I have my team capped on both team upgrades and player upgrades before going to gold, at least I think that is the correct play. Any information will be really appreciated , thanks again


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    40 k ain't bad in a week. Silver to gold isn't bad as long as u have good players. Some Evo and xp saved is good too. U can watch videos for gold. 

    I'm a 90k guy. Unless u have the best multiplier AND he actually hits, u will rarely beat the stronger guys. It's possible tho.  

    Focus on maxing ur best guys. Then go gold and do the same. Stay away from diamond tho unless u have money. 
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