sworkman3sworkman3 Registered Users, Member 73 Posts
@GLU how about a public apology in social media for us that are locked out but are being falsely accused of cheating ? Have you even seen the trash that has been posted? I made your game a priority daily by playing for hours on end. And a priority every week by spending hard earned cash. Please consider this request and maybe even some compensation.  Thanks 


  • DaveMustangDaveMustang Registered Users, Member 428 Posts
    Yeah, I've seen a lot of that man. I never cheated on this game. Boxes could get frustrating, but it was fun opening one up and getting one of the best.  ALL my numbers were always legit. 

    Myself, I just want a definitive answer.  Don't mind being patient if there's something to be patient for. 
  • Trekkie6511Trekkie6511 Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    GLU is a criminal organization and fraudulently misrepresents their game. It is without a doubt the most expensive game I have ever played and their claims of not having operational issues is a lie. I know plenty of players that have lost players, purchases of all sorts and game stats because of these errors. Black screens, freezing, automatic shutdown, shaking screens, hitters not swinging are all occurring and they deny it. Same with trying to make a claim because it shows you received something from their end with these problems they are not received at ours. 
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