Shaking my head

sworkman3sworkman3 Registered Users, Member 73 Posts
unfortunately these people that have joined and signed this petition are justified. Prices have went up but the rewards did not. Even if the update didn't lock u out like it did me , everyone is reporting major problems after the update. Customer Support  has been little to no help. Teams being banned with no explanation at all just isn't good business.  Especially when alot of the banned or jailed are legit. The real cheaters get to play on because of the money they spend to get away with it.. just check out the best of the best clubs. The points they score in a very short amount of time is insane. @GLU please don't ruin this great product that u have developed for us to enjoy. Please make us your priority and not the cash. Happy customers and the cash will come. Saddened to think that my time playing this great game maybe coming to an end. 


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