Former potw final max overall

synnygsynnyg Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
Is it different depending on who the character is? Or how good they play that week? I previously had a potw starting pitcher I believe it was chris sale but cant be sure when he was an active potw his max overall was 400 when he turned former potw he dropped to 320. Now I have potw goldschmidt when he was active potw max overall 400 now he is a former potw and his max overall is 390 not a prime just former potw. Can anyone explain this to me please it would be greatly appreciated thanks happy tapping 


  • mattybrownricemattybrownrice Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    Not sure but sounds like they up the max for the week of and drop it after. Seems like a good way for the game to make people max out(buy gold) in a hurry. 
  • synnygsynnyg Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    That's the thing about it he was potw like 2 weeks or so ago his stats already "dropped" so to speak but he's still at 390 I'm not complaining by any means I'm happy with having a player that ranks up there with my primes but only takes regular blue xp to level up. I'm just curious as to how glu goes about judging which players stay at a high max overall or drops dramatically to barely over 300
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