MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Top Feedback - July

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Sorry for the delay, we had quite a bit more feedback in July than previous months and it took a bit longer to compile and get insights from the team.  though there was a bunch more it was also kind of all over the place so we did merge some stuff for our list.  Again as usual we didn't want to put up things we have already discussed.  Here is the top July feedback for Tap Sports Baseball 2019.  
  1. Better VIP rewards - many of our VIP players were not particularly happy with the July rewards.  Hopefully they enjoyed the August rewards better.
  2. Field passes -While there are too many different suggestions to mention regarding the new feature, overall we were pretty happy with the way it turned out.  There is certainly more tuning to be done and we do understand some players don't think the pass is quite worth it at this point.  Our team continues to look at our options and we hope the feature will evolve as we continue this year and certainly considering changes for the future.
  3. Tyler Skaggs - Some players asked for a commemorative version and some players asked that we remove him from the game.  There were quite a few discussions but we didn't think the time was right to make any changes due to the unfortunate death of the player.  
  4. Baserunning enhancements - We did cover one askpect of this in the April feedback but this was a bit different.  Players asked to have more choice on base running decisions such as when to tag up. Mostly this is controlled by the  Base Coach upgrade currently.  We have looked into making changes, however it would be a very complicated change to the current systems in the game.  We are looking into how we can best address the spirit of this ask but it may not make it into the current version of the game.
  5. Season mode too difficult - We have had some players tell us the season mode is too difficult and it seem like it is mostly higher tiered players or as their teams change from one difficulty level to the next.  We haven't really changed them since the start but our team did take a pass through and evaluated the average win rates and it looks like it is actually in a pretty good place overall.  We may still make a few tweaks to ensure players are enjoying the feature.
We are still monitoring top suggestions relating to WoH difficulty and trading.  Be sure to watch the social media channels for previews and updates from the community team!


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    Just a smattering of some of the other feedback:  Too difficult to get patch/sticker, Epic moments lacking, Pennent reset feature, video ads availability, royale boxes back for royale woh, changes to the order in season mode so it isn't always the same, London players available again, reset button for woh, auto play for all rounds woh, Add gold in moments, Loot crate odds, prime xp in the cvc match rewards, vip gifts twice monthly, Different woh rewards for classic and all star week, Shuffle ability in pick em needs to prioritize the missing patches, more emphasis on slugfest, prime xp to season rewards, more pop up bundles instead of ads, Need a good relievers box, cvc specific stats page, trading, bring in legends, second skill for created player, Open all draft picks option, system to kick inactive leader, add commas for numbers , make auto play free, disable stickers in global, Let players choose sticker, Lower points requirement of milestones, full game auto play standard, line up swaps based on game type (so you can easily swap from a bonus player line up to your regular line up), confirmation on purchases, move royale to weekend, better rewards for weekend event, High quantity regular xp mystery box, Lock club rosters during event until rewards collected, option to trade in player straight from box opening, share screenshots in club chat. 

    Keep it up!

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