Prime players

MuskMusk Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
Just a statement around something I am just now finding out.  There are multiple versions of one player in prime.  Meaning you can get a prime Verlander, but there are other prime version(s) out there of the same exact player, just a different portrait.  Why would this be?  I was excited to see him on the bonus this weekend, only to find out I had the wrong prime version (wrong portrait).  Very confused now.  Frustrating to put a lot of resources in to prime players like this and not able to utilize them for big events because they never pop up on the bonus plan....and when they do, it’s possibly a wrong portrait.


  • Sarge14Sarge14 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    The players are usually specific to an event. So the player that is featured on that event will get the big bonus points but not previous events (The picture will determine what event it is from). I agree it sucks that they don't get the big points. I like how hitters get small amount of bonus points for being on a specific team, if only pitchers got points for being on a team too. That would be cool.
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