David Copperfield disappearing act

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Has anyone else had ALL CASH AND GOLD disappear?I was told that there was a connection issue and to delete a line pertaining to "gwallet" then reopen the game to force a reconnection.The problem now is that with connect issues I've had before,no cash and gold were ever removed.To me,it makes no sense that you lose your "currency",never to be returned just because of a bad connection.That is "new",like being punished ,that's a software line of instruction added to an update,cuz it NEVER did that before.Also,the server obviously recorded it since when opening to play dino hunter.a message that "You've been awarded gold"congratulations,both for 78 then 143 gold,then in seconds removed everything,even pre-existing balance.It's returned and taken then returned again my level up rewards but not the offer rewards.Just before posting this,47 level up gold disappeared,was returned then gone and returned again...!!! WHY T F did bad connection seperate offer from level up gold but never refund the "STOLEN" gold?It is definitely a line of instruction that seperated the two and that's just f'ing wrong...Imagine, Fyber and Tapjoy actually paid off for once but it got taken away still...!!! This is biggest reason I refuse to spend real $$ for gold that GLU just takes back...
It's dirty and low down and wouldn't cost them even a single penny to return my "virtual" gold."we'll look into it"bull...my id# in their server has recorded EVERYTHING ever done with my and everybody elses accounts.


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    Unfortunately that isn't always the case with some of the older games.  If you submit a ticket through the game though we may still be able to assist you in getting the account back to where it was.
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