Why you should put mermaid world back on the market

KenbeeKenbee Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Mermaid world is an amazing platform, so many people love playing this game. Its a calm stress less game that makes people happy. I have a family member who loves this game with all her heart she was devastated when she found out that mermaid world was taken down. She has been trying very hard to get mermaid world back, she's been watching a ton of things to do with mermaid world for the past week. It would mean the world to her and to many others if you brought mermaid world back. Mermaid world was this fun game where you could escape into your own bubble and play with mermaids. You could earn mermaids or even buy them. A lot of people would get home and play mermaid world, weather they were cooking, cleaning, doing homework, or just laying there. This game gave many people a way to be them selves without being sad to show their true colors. I even liked playing this game and I'm not into mermaids all that much. Imagine making others happy, and how happy that would make you feel. Please put mermaid world back on the market. Make a change in many peoples lives, that might be going through something rough.


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