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    Nice. Man, I’ve had issues but never something as irritating, or frustrating as that. When you contacted support, is it still completely void of text as your typing? When you send it then appears on the screen? Leaving your message looking rediculous unless you pay really close attention to it while texting? That’s how It was for me, for about 3 straight issues, in other words, a long time. What I mean is I would text my message to support, but couldn’t see the text I was typing. When I hit send, then it would appear on the screen. As much money as this game rakes in, I would think that would be a priority, you know, to get that issue fixed, which I imagine would only call for one coder to fix whatever code is behind that error, but I’m not extremely knowledgeable about computer science, therefore I guess I wouldn’t know as I’m somewhat ignorant on that subject matter. Anyway sorry about your issues. They also wanted screen caps, but I couldn’t send pictures, as well. Got an error message or something every attempt. Why? I can only imagine if the chat box is messed up, to the point of being void of any visible text, then pictures probably don’t stand any chance. They directed me to the website to send them, and I sent pics there, which supposedly went through (no error message) (no reasons at all to believe they didn’t go through properly). I got a message a couple weeks later stating that they never received the pictures. This particular issue, I was having was a mistake on my end, about the multiplier during club events. Admittedly, it was on my part. BUT, still, what if it had been a real issue on their part? Which, just from your post alone, does happen. Also, from a lot of other posts I see here, it happens quite often? So if glu is reading, I admit that was my bad, with my particular issue, that one time, however that’s not the point. The point is, I’m sure others in that time frame, had legitimate issues, and they were met with the same ritualistic run around. Sorry so long. That’s all I’m saying. People pay a lot of hard earned dollars on this game. A whole lot. So please, if you haven’t already, atleast fix the “contact support text box area” I saw they had the best quarter ever last time, and a chart showing $98 million on it, (didn’t study it to see if that was in one quarter or just how much GLU is worth) doesn’t matter, that’s enough money to fix that issue. I think my next door neighbor could fix that issue. He’d do it for about $100 I imagine. Possibly less. I hope everyone gets my point. 

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