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Most of you may know that a Glu game called Gun Bros is gone from everywhere. The only traces of it are APKs, videos, trailers from Glu and several websites reviewing the game. It's not really suprising to see Glu make a good game, update and care for it for about 1 or 2 years and then drop the whole thing and call it dead. Same fate reached Samurai VS Zombies, Frontline Commando and several other Glu titles. But there is a chance that we can save at leasr Gun Bros!
All it takes is to register an account on and sign this petition below.

And if anyone would like to check my Gun Bros themed Discord server, here

(Sidenote : the Gun Bros forums are pretty much dead, thus I'm posting here for help instead. And frankly, support doesn't care about the game either)
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