A tribute to GUN BROS

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Hey all,
I wanted to make this post because I recently discovered that GUN BROS isn't available to be played and downloaded anymore. Gun bros was one of the first mobile games I ever played. I have many fond memories of me and my father just gunning away. The amount of guns you could choose from was something I really enjoyed, from shotguns that shoot a sort of red darts to powerfull plasma launchers. There was always something you could progress towards. Every time you purchased a new weapon you felt this excitment and wanted to test it out. With a game this amazing I was shocked to hear that they pulled the plug.

Some ideas:
I where to every make a GUN BROS 3 I would probably give it a battle royale version since that is really populair these days. Maybe some loot boxes to make the game free to play. And last but not least keep the co-op feature :)

After all these years I just hope me and my future son will be able to gun away in this amazing game just like I did with my father
Kind regards,
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