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Hey! I’ve got a quick question too!
as you can see, I’ve submitted my latest look to this weeks Show Your Style Parish Edition which ends later this evening.. however there is two separate issues I would like to discuss with the viewers of this
1. From the bottom of the snapshot, you can see the challenge ends in 5:07:53 and it says my next ticket is available just under 2 minutes after the event is due to close.. is there anyway I could somehow get early access to my next ticket so I could fulfill the challenge? I’ve worked really hard this week and have met all the deadlines and would really love to finish my final ‘perfect’ look in time..
2. My final question somewhat relates to my first; as you can see, I scored 45 votes for the look i submitted and am just one vote off of being rewarded the final prize! Is there anyway since I am only one vote off of the reward I could be given it?
i know my requests may sound somewhat greedy but the overall reason I am distressed is because I am so close to receiving the last rewards. I would have no issues is I was 2 prises off of if I was 15 or 30 minutes late to getting the goal but I’m sure you fellow users can understand my point! ❤️🧚‍♀️
Again, apologised if this sounds anyway entitled I just want to be as educated as I can on the matter since there is such a little time slot/vote missing. I received my call from kalinda and notification late from the app which added to the distress. 
Any help would be appreciated!❤️✨
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