How to prevent unwanted purchases?

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GLU has to make it easier to prevent customers from buying packages they do not want. The Android app is geared toward spurring customers to make unwanted purchases by accident, and GLU offers no recourse to get the money back.

I opened TSL '20 this afternoon. A pop-up came up advertising the "Club Gift Bundle 9," which I did not want to purchase. I hit the "X" in the top right screen to close the window. I then navigated to the "Store" section to open up some of the free Mystery Boxes that I had.

Just as I was hitting the "open" command to open a gift box, a Google Play confirmation window came up, verifying that I had made the purchase of the Club Gift Bundle. Since I was in the act of hitting the "open" bar to get my free gifts, my touch registered as a confirmation of the purchase of the bundle.

To recap:
- I opened the app
- An offer window popped up
- I hit the "X" in the pop-up window, thinking that would close the offer
- I navigated to another part of the store to open a mystery box
- A confirmation window popped up right as I was trying to execute a completely separate command
- I inadvertently purchased the Bundle.

GLU says that accidental purchases are not refundable. At the same time, they go to every effort to make sure that customers can easily make accidental purchases, by forcing windows that pop up too fast, not allowing customers to opt out immediately, and forcing them into a purchase they did not want.

I have filed a ticket with Customer Care, but am wondering how others who have been taken by this practice have dealt with it.


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    You may want to alter your store options.  This article may help you out

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    They couldn't care less as you can see from their smug post explaining why an intentional glitch in their game, that tricks you out of money, is not their problem. 
    It should be their problem. It is called stealing. 
    Same thing happened to me, I messaged customer service immediately and they sent me this same idiotic response. 
    Be warned. MLB TSB 20 is running a scam to steal your money and Google lets them do it. 
    I've reported their theft to Google, BBB and on a few other sites. 
    Before a GLU responds with that link again, I've also put a password on my Google Pay account to prevent other apps from stealing my money with this same scam. 
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    Hey @funnycoffee
    Can you explain more about your issue?
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