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Hey all, 

Not sure if I saw a thread similar to this. I have been playing since TAP 18 and spent some money and use an iPhone 7. I can’t do CVC and global/club chats. Plus, club weekly awards is off. I messaged Glu and Ariel mentioned I may be using an old device that may be jail broken or rooted so I am flagged. He suggests buying a newer device (lol). 

I can prove that I’m not “rooted” but then I asked him if I am using an old device and that is causing the flag, then does every other iPhone 7 that plays TAP have a flag too? He dodged the question. Worst part, I bought a field pass for the weekday and now I can’t use it for Wednesday and Thursday. I asked for a refund if he’s going to keep my flagged. 

any help here? I’m very disappointed. 


  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator Administrator, Moderators 1,114 Posts
    Could be the way it was described or they just misunderstood.  You don't need a new device as that one should work fine.  Agents don't flag or unflag accounts that is automated so if something was detected all Ariel can do is ask for a review.  If you reply to the ticket they should be able to tell you if it was temporary or permanent.
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    You know my account was flagged 3 weeks ago and can't get any help at all and was also told to get a new phone.   However, has become unflagged 5 times in 3 weeks for 20 minutes each times then locks up again.   Can't get help from anyone nor can I get any answers for anything. 
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