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After spending 60k gold this event for fan rewards player, getting extremely upset for wasting gold on boxes and XP to repull “Bonus Set” players all the way up to Diamond (only for bonus set players to be changed and deemed worthless again, regardless of their regular reward was bumped up...still worthless players), and WoH crashing after every dang round, I get blessed with this image saying my account is temporary suspended? All while this is the main time of day/night that I can play. Wife and kids are finally asleep, so GLU is wasting my time after i poured well over $150 into this event.

Impossible to contact Customer Care in game due to not loading past 37% because of suspension. You can’t refund me my time, so take my event players back, return Gold, blue cash, XP, and all the wasted money I spent today...PLEASE. I want to be done with this damn game. Also, gift my club something because I was their only hope at top 5 finish and you’re screwing them over in the process.

Hopefully Apple Play Store review and customer support ticket refunds some of the lost $$$. Hopefully.

In game name: TuckPenns

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