Benefit of team strength in earning points

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Does a higher Team strength mean you will earn more personal club points when playing any of the events not taking into account bonus point players?  Just not sure why it would make sense to replace 350 xp players with 450-500 pxp and lxp ones at this juncture in the season when better ones will keep coming out?  Is there really a difference between an xp, pxp or  lxp player regardless of their max that you’ve leveled up to 300?


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    Team strength doesn’t give you more club event points. The prime bonus players will give you more points if they are listed as a bonus player for that event. There is a huge difference between a legend player and a regular player. For example: (Gold tier)  Legend Chipper Jones Stats- HIT:335/PWR:300/SPD:150 Vs (Gold tier) Regular Josh Donaldson Stats- HIT:232/PWR:210/SPD:161 

    who do u think would be the better player for the 3B position 
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    • The benefits of effective teamwork.
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