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I was new to Glu about a few weeks ago.. I know of the short time I've been in this community, there is just lots of dolls that are straight up rude or highly conceited...(I accept everyone as who they are as they should accept me) I have posted real life pictures of what I look like and my daughter unlike most people here have. (not judging) I do have a very VERY important message and hopefully the ones that reads this will understand cuz they go through it or know it's about them!
I only wrote this on 1 forum! > If you're a HATER of another doll, YOU ARE jealous of her success etc..
Set better goals to love, accept, & lift one another! 💞👯‍♀️ I see to much negativity in the world, that if we were all encouraging / open arms to each other, it would be a better place / community. 
#TiredOfSeeinHaters #SorryNotSorry 🙅🏼‍♀️😬
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