December 2nd update for Kim kardahsian hollywood

natcat141natcat141 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
I haven't had the update for December 2nd, my game is still running on the Halloween one. I've restarted my device, that hasn't worked, I've even deleted and reinstalled the app and each time when I open the game it says "new version of the game available, update now" however I click update and then it takes me the AppStore which then says that the app doesn't need an update. Can someone please help?


  • kadyyykadyyy Registered Users, Member 355 Posts
    I didnt even knw there was an update until there 45mins left for the fire and ice event to end. I am so angry I missed thr chance of winning that fire dress and lost the daily gifts for the days
  • RR PhoenixRR Phoenix Registered Users, Moderators, Moderator 159 Posts
    Thanks for letting us know about your issue with updating! New updates may be available for the game, but may not be available for your region yet until the update is live worldwide @natcat141


  • RR PhoenixRR Phoenix Registered Users, Moderators, Moderator 159 Posts
    I totally understand how that can be frustrating, especially when you were so close to finishing! Outside of contacting customer support when things like this happen to immediately resolve the issue, my best suggestion would be in the future, to wait until you have completed your events to update. Would hate for you to miss out on the next fire dress!  :'(:s
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