Recovering KKH account

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I'm having a mini freak out here. I have been having some trouble with my account for a few weeks now over my email. I spoke to some reps both in-app and via email about getting the email on my account switched. They helped me out so quickly (appreciate them!) and I thought everything was going well until the game started freezing. So I uninstalled it and when I reinstalled the app, I went to sign in with my google play acct. and it's saying that the last save was from June of 2020 at level 14. 

I'm having a slight panic attack because I was on level 25 and I've spent over $200 of real money on the game for k-stars, SYS tickets, diamonds, limited edition and holiday hair, and clothing, etc. ( yes, I still have all of my receipts).  My biggest concern and worry is that I'll lose all of my clothing, hair, makeup, hair dye, etc that I paid for, especially the limited edition and holiday items. I mean, I literally just completed the SYS Paris event and got the outfit and placed high enough to get a silver gift box! this was the second time in a row that I placed high enough to be in Silver III and I'm just crushed right now and don't know what to do! I've emailed the help team but I'm afraid to finish installing the game for fear that I'll lose everything. 

Is there any way to recover my account?


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    Don't worry @tangerine! There is absolutely a way to recover your account!

    You'll just have to go through the same exact process as you did before when they switched it the last time lol
    If you haven't already, please contact support with as much information as possible to have your account swap issue resolved. 

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