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magicalfingersmagicalfingers Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
Very curious why my account has been flagged for 3 weeks amd not a single customer rep is of any help what so ever.   Just generic responses.   Odd part is account has been unflagged 5 times in 3 week for 20 minutes each time.   Something is off and customer service is literally a waste of time.   Submitted tickets through the app store, then the email address provided and numerous in game tickets.   How do I find someone who will actually correct the problem.   It isn't on my end because I haven't a clue how to cheat.   If they reviewed the account as stated over amd I've byn10 different reps they woukd see that.   


  • magicalfingersmagicalfingers Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Forgot to add, one rep actually told me to get a new phone and they would fix my account.   My phone has plenty of storage etc to run the game so that was extremely odd to ask a customer to get a new phone and they'll fix my issue.   Current device was never rooted etc as I have no idea how to or what a root does.   
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    Hey @magicalfingers thanks for letting us know about your issue!

    Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with account related problems via the forum. However, support should be able to give a detailed explanation of why your account has been suspended. 

    As for a new phone, that's not exactly a reason for support to unban an already banned account unless they were stating that you could continue playing by creating a new account on a new device. Either way, rest assured that support WILL get down to the bottom of it so you could have as much information regarding the issue as possible. 
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