My Bel Air mansion in KKH

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Hi guys i really really need help. Im currently on level 20 but my Bel Air Mansion didnt show or the woman to purchase the Mansion. I have already did the Reality check in and get 5 stars like every gig but still no mansion 😭 I tried send message ti customer care but they keep saying to complete the story while i have already done it. 
And anyone know Kalinda can you help me tag her in? I dont know how to tag in here
This is my first time making a discussion here so forgive me if there is anything not right 😞
Thank you all and hope u have a good day and stay safe my friends ❤️❤️❤️


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    Hey @Ssuees! So to tag other forum members, you can use the "@" symbol and start typing the user's name (kinda like Twitter)!
    As for your issue in game, were you able to get it worked out? Unfortunately, we aren't able to provide much help when it comes to account related issues in game. The best source of help for account related issues can be found in the settings menu within the game! From there you can chat with customer support directly and they can resolve the issue  from their side or sometimes the answer can even be found in the FAQ!

    As for everything else, I'm your girl!


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