Server down/ app could not be opened

LotusLotus Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I am one of the super VIP customer of DSA with almost 700,000 summoner points. Your damn app/ game just screwed up, unable to open it. However, the message came back and blamed that we did not have a proper wifi connected. It’s entirely your fault. My wifi is perfectly doing fine!!! My DSA account name is Lotus under the Disneyland Forever group? I demanded a good explanation about this matter and need compensation. Check my account and you would know I’m a super VIP customer. I will sue or / and no longer play this game if you don’t fix or reply me within 8 hours


  • RR PhoenixRR Phoenix Registered Users, Moderators, Moderator 159 Posts
    Hey @Lotus! Thanks for letting us know about your the connection issues you've been experiencing in game. Unfortunately, we don't have access to personal account information via the forums due to security purposes. If you feel like the explanation did not suffice, you can always open up a new ticket with support for further clarification and troubleshooting tips!
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