Lost KKH progress and can't retrieve it

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Hi, I suddenly lost my game progress. I have it backed up to my iCloud but I can't retrieve it because it says there is no game save associated with my account. I sent customer care my Hollywood ID and they told me that the ID is associated with a level 1 account. I was level 87 before I lost progress and I haven't made a new account so I don't know what's going on. How can I get my account and progress back?


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    Hey @olympia
    So sorry to hear that your having some issues getting back to your account! Unfortunately, we're not able to assist with account related issues on the forum.  :disappointed:
    Try responding to the ticket that you have open or try creating a new one in the settings menu of your account. Be sure to include as much information as possible about recovering your old account and hopefully if it was linked to your appleID, they may be able to find it! 

    Best of luck and happy tapping!

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