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Essay is a genre of prose, combining criticism, philosophical look and art journalism, is often a homework for students. Writing an essay requires a huge imagination, because it reflects the view of the author to the cultural and social problem, has an impact and convinces. There are different types of essays, for example, an argued or illustrated essay.

Essay Writer recommends starting to write an essay from his entry, also called the introduction. Introductory offers should attract the attention of the reader, to cause his interest, create a positive first impression. Introduction should not be too long, no more than one paragraph, it should schematically express the thesis and clarify the reader that it is waiting for it when reading work.

The following statement contains the most important information. It sets out all the arguments in support of the thesis. Sometimes you can use counterproofs, but we must be sure that they have reinforced their own opinions. They show that we have a real look at things that have our own good and bad parties, but we preserve our personal opinion.

After the exposure, the conclusion that summarizes the facts is a kind of completion of work. The Internet offers a large number of sites that will help anyone who is experiencing difficulties with writing an essay. Such a website as paperwritingservice.nyc will provide you with examples of essays, and will also help with recommendations for writing them. However, no one tolerate information plagiarism from the Internet, so try to help yourself by changing what you are reading. And it is best to know how to understand the mechanism and create your own essays. You will not be disappointed with the result.

An interesting fact is that the word Essay in French means experience (Essaie). The founder of this style is the French humanist Michel de Montaigne, emphasizing that he expresses his own experience in the essay. Later, in the 20th century, the essay became a genre, interesting for many writers who plunged into the depths of their experiences and emotions to describe them. Give the freedom to everything that rages in your home, arm yourself with weighty arguments, and you will not be difficult to create your own essay.


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