why we Should use driving directions?

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At this point, driving directions apps aren't just for navigating a new city or road trips. Many people use them every single day to find the quickest routes through their hometowns, keep an eye on traffic, avoid speed traps, and more—and most of these apps are free. Thanks to them, driving has never been smarter.

Whether you're driving somewhere familiar or navigating new roads, driving directions apps can help you get there with minimal hassle. With any luck, you'll even reach your destination in record time. Just be sure you're aware of your surroundings, even if an app is helping with driving directions. Your instincts as a driver should take precedence over what the app says, if it comes down to a split-second decision. Don't let any convince you otherwise—you do know better than the app. That said, if the app asks you to take a new road to reach your destination, it may know something you don't about traffic or other conditions ahead.
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