Advanced Training Programs to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

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If you’re looking to improve your negotiation skills, several advanced training programs are available online. The Complete Skilled Negotiator, also known as TCSN-6, is one such program. You can also learn more about negotiation from Harvard Negotiation Institute, Shapiro Negotiations Institute, or Karrass. Regardless of which training program you choose, it will increase your chances of securing favorable terms and conditions for your next negotiation.

TCSN-6 is a virtual version of The Complete Skilled Negotiator

If you’re interested in becoming a better negotiator, you should check out TCSN-6, the virtual version of The Complete Skilled Negotiation course. It contains six modules and is designed to teach advanced negotiation techniques, and can be completed in two to six weeks. It helps you improve your creativity, find a win-win situation, and overcome your emotional triggers that can inhibit good negotiation skills. Even if you have an extensive background in negotiation, you may still tend to let your emotions get in the way of good negotiation skills that’s why you need a professional look at your speech, and that’s why people like us are used to checking before important events. In other words, a good negotiator may have difficulty negotiating because of the amygdala in our brains, which shuts down the reasoning and logic part of the brain.

While The Complete Skilled Negotiator course is available to everyone, the TCSN-6 virtual version is designed for groups of at least six people. The course uses case studies to demonstrate how different types of people react differently to different negotiation situations. Case studies are compared to create a more realistic experience and emphasize how different approaches can make a difference in a negotiation. Students also practice different types of negotiation techniques, which they can apply to a real-life situation.

Harvard Negotiation Institute

Advanced negotiation skills require a multi-faceted approach. A Harvard Negotiation Institute advanced training program helps you develop strategies for achieving better deals with others. The course includes intensive simulations and hands-on exercises, helping you master skills that will help you succeed in negotiations. The program aims to help you manage others and internal conflicts while incorporating expert planning tools into your negotiations. Past participants have extracted a surprising amount of value from negotiations.

  • The Harvard Negotiation Institute offers several advanced training programs for executives and businesspeople. These programs are designed to give participants a deeper understanding of the art of negotiation and the psychology of negotiation.
  • Students will learn how to approach difficult situations and develop ethical bargaining skills. Participants will also learn how to overcome challenges and navigate difficult negotiations. Each course is taught by Harvard law school professors and is based on real-world case studies.

Shapiro Negotiations Institute

The Shapiro Negotiations Institute offers a variety of training programs and consulting services. Its programs emphasize both hands-on exercises and proven techniques for improving negotiation skills. The Shapiro Institute’s faculty includes Harvard Negotiation Project professors Leonard Riskin and Daniel Shapiro. These professionals are well-known for their success as trainers and educators. The Institute also offers onsite venues in major U.S. cities.

The SNI has over two-and-a-half decades of experience in developing advanced negotiation skills. Their training programs offer measurable results and instant impact. To make the most of them, participants should take advantage of the public courses or customized private courses. They will benefit from the SNI’s specialized expertise in public negotiations, sales negotiation, and contract negotiations. In addition, they will receive customized, state-of-the-art training on how to conduct a highly effective and respectful negotiation.

Advanced training programs to improve negotiation skills will also improve participants’ emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to monitor and manage your emotions. Advanced negotiators are aware of the emotions of other parties and adjust their behavior accordingly. While there is no single way to maximize the potential for successful negotiation, advanced negotiators can understand the other party’s emotions and adapt their behaviors accordingly.


If you’d like to improve your negotiation skills, a Karrass seminar might be just the thing for you. Developed by world-renowned negotiator Dr. Chester L. Karrass, this course combines decades of on-the-job experience with advanced academic qualifications in the subject. By applying dynamic principles of negotiation to everyday business situations, you can become a better negotiator.

  • For a personal upgrade, Karrass offers tailor-made training courses for individuals or groups. These courses are delivered by specially-trained course leaders and are packed with proven strategies, tips, and techniques that can be applied immediately.
  • The courses can be adapted to suit your needs or you can hire a Karrass speaker for an organizational meeting or sales event. Karrass’s short workshops can be presented by any professional, from the CEO to the front-line employee.

In addition to general negotiation strategies, Karrass offers specialized seminars on effective internal negotiations. These seminars will give you the tools to master internal negotiations by focusing on the psychological elements of negotiation. Effective negotiation, he explains, is about building relationships, resolving differences, and exchanging viewpoints. The goal is to achieve an outcome that benefits you and your business. With effective negotiation skills, you’ll make more sales and win more deals!

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