Kronos REST API and supported authentication

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We are working on Kronos and have gone through the REST API. From the documentation, the REST API supports OAuth2 (Grant Type Password).

In the Kronos workforce there are  any other authentication mechanism provided (like BASIC)?


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    • Kronos Workforce Central API primarily supports OAuth2 for authentication, specifically utilizing the Grant Type Password.
    • OAuth2 (Grant Type Password) is documented as the recommended authentication mechanism for accessing the Kronos Workforce Central API.
    • While OAuth2 is the highlighted method, it's essential to consult the latest Kronos documentation or contact Kronos support directly for the most updated and detailed information on available authentication mechanisms.
    • It's advisable to verify if Kronos provides any additional authentication mechanisms beyond OAuth2, such as BASIC authentication or any other methods, which might have been introduced or made available in recent updates.
    • Accessing the most current documentation or communicating directly with Kronos job support will ensure accurate and up-to-date information regarding authentication options supported by the Kronos Workforce Central API.
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    Workforce management is made easier by the smooth interaction that the Kronos REST API provides with a variety of apps. Its strong authentication support guarantees data security, enabling companies to confidently deploy scalable systems." ;)

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