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AllexandraaAllexandraa Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
When seasons came I deleted my game and redownloaded it trying to get it to pop up and it didn’t. When I went to glu for help they accused me of cheating after weeks of back and forth and many screenshots and receipt proof they believed me and said they would help me. They took me off the cheater list and Instead of giving me my sys prizes I lost plus other stuff they gave me 10k and 10 energy instead, I swear the guy didn’t even read my messages to see what prizes I needed. I’m just looking to get some real help on getting the stuff I lost from the 11 days game play I lost. At least the sys prizes I paid for a won. They have all the proof, said they help and did the absolute least and didn’t help. 


  • BevTheGreatBevTheGreat Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I never get support. Good luck
  • qsabzqsabz Registered Users, Member 215 Posts
    OMG YES! I feel like they never actually read what the issue is. I've been stuck with calltime-quest which was a timelimited task many years ago (!!!) that needed to be completed within 24 hours. They keep responding, the same way as they do to you, with no real answer just asking me to "keep doing tasks to trigger the event" an event which HAS ALREADY PASSED.… 🤬 that being said 😮‍💨 - I completely get your frustration. But most of the times I get some standard names like "Monica", so I believe they have forwarded your issue to the backend team. Lol. Good sign?

    On another note - on what grounds were they accusing you of cheating? And marking you as a cheater. That's terrible. Especially when you invest real money in a game just to be called a cheater.
    Good luck.
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