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How do you speak with support?!?!??!?! I have been contacting support about the kim kardashian game, and I keep getting the same person. No one ever helps me! I have spent thousands on the game and get the worst suport ever! How do you contact someone who cares about the customers???


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    Would you mind describing what the issue is? I'm new here, but the mods and dolls here are usually very helpful.
    Although I agree, I'm sick of the standard "Monica"-name responding, feels like I'm not talking to a human. My problem hasn't been solved for 1.5 year now, I feel like they don't read but just give the general answer.
  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Administrator, Moderators 1,123 Posts
    Very sorry to hear you feel that way.  Our support teams try to resolve every issue to the best of their abilities. You can contact support in multiple ways (Web support page, email, or in game).  They all go to the same agents (there are probably over 100 agents that could receive a ticket for KKH).  If you use email or the support page though you will likely get a slower response and more back and forth.  In game is the fastest method and since it includes much of your game information automatically usually the quickest resolution time as well.
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    Customer service usually respond 10 times faster if you are a VIP
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