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Whoever is the boss and runs this company is a retarded piece of shit who chips customers out of their money I see countless people on here who spend their hard-earned money and get jipped out of it and then you contact technical support and they act like it's the first time they heard it look at all the people talking about the problems that his game and they sit there and they know that they're ignoring the shit when and they don't have any intentions on making it better or giving anybody their money or money's worth **** this company they should all find a tall tree swing a rope over it and hang their self and do everybody a favor


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    chrisrubillo27chrisrubillo27 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Also speaks up and calls them out on these things watch them kick them off of here which they will probably do to me but I'm only speaking the truth I'm tired of spending my money and then the credits disappearing I went back and forth with them for over a month and did everything they asked me to do and did not received any of my money back or the credits I paid for I sent receipts screenshots everything they wanted then the way they ignored is they a new person comes on there and says they'll be taking over and then start all over again and ask you to do it ever again and again and again if you're going to run a company at least be honest
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