Wow, miss a little, miss alot.

spd3xspd3x New Member5 PostsRegistered Users
Flying under the radar. The old forums admittedly were a mess. Take me awhile to get oriented, lol. Old ones made i easy to pop in, chat with friends and back to game. This is like the proverbial Scobby-Doo hallway with myriad of doors and the confusion that comes with it. Getting acclimated, hope to talk to old friends and make new ones.


  • ZorenZoren Expert Member 84 PostsRegistered Users
    About time.... long time no hear spd3x... no you wont get lost in here.. if chatting is what you want you'll find the old ggn's users old habits in general discussion forum. otherwise, if game is your concern theres the respective game forum that you might wanna get your games query....
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  • shannyshanny Senior Member 440 PostsRegistered Users
    Hi spd3x! Where have you been stranger? These forums are easy to learn. You will get your feel for it in no time. Glad to see you made it.
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  • Rocky TopRocky Top Expert Member 127 PostsRegistered Users
    Where have you been spd? Welcome and check it out. Good to see you.
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