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TurpinTurpin Senior MemberRegistered Users 240 Posts
To cut down on some of the trouble Maybe you should make only friends be able to reply 2 other friends topics. All people should be able to read them but only friends reply to friends topics.

I will use a prime example:

I posted a post and Hydra posted a comment there I am NOT friends with Hydra so( high dress )hydro should not be able to post a comment. In the same with me If he post a topic I should not be able to reply to that topic Because I am NOT friends with him Or her or it or whatever.
That's just another way to cut down on trouble.
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  • TranZzzTranZzz Experienced Member Registered Users 61 Posts
    You are true about that Turp.. i am agree this suggestion is very useful to avoid some people to post annoying comments..
    But i think there are still many nice and helpful person here.. they have the same chance to join the threads and conversations..
    Forget about that crazy hydrocarbon Turp.. someone will take care of that kid later..
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  • GlamazonGlamazon Glu Super Admin Registered Users 498 Posts
    Thanks for the suggestion; the friends-only option is already part of Groups, and would be controlled by the group leader. So using groups is the best way to control those conversations.

    If posts are made in the open forums, they are fair game for anyone to respond; it's the most democratic way to accommodate everyone.

    Most importantly, closing off/limiting access to threads would prevent others from being able to help quickly- and that's arguably the most valuable part of these forums.
  • TurpinTurpin Senior Member Registered Users 240 Posts
    TraZzz and Glamour thank you for your comments. U both r correct.
    One of the hardest lessons to learn Are the ones that hurt the most..
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