3/15 Weekend Promotions and Sales Update

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Eternity Warriors 2: Get 70% off the Dark Sickle Swords and 70% off the Severing Axe

Deer Hunter Reloaded: Get 50% off all energy packs

Gun Bros 2: All new Leprechaun Box added for St. Patrick's Day

Blood & Glory: Legend: New bundle packs give you up to a 50% savings compared to buying the items individually

Contract Killer 2: New bundle packs give you a great deal on items along with brand new weapon upgrades!

Frontline Commando (iOS only): Assorted guns on sale plus a special currency offer! Head into the game to check it out!


  • dilg2012dilg2012 Senior Member Registered Users 358 Posts
    I hope the updates for CKZ2 come out soon. Maybe an Easter release would be nice.

    The Wolf Pack are my friends, like all others whom I have the pleasure to know. You have my respect because you deserve it - the same way I expect this respect from you as well.
  • 香香香样香香香样 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    thank you very much
  • nagoyahnagoyah Experienced Member Registered Users 100 Posts
    I was hoping for a cheaper Lil Kingdom elevator or some SvZ2 sales, bah :(
  • GlamazonGlamazon Glu Super Admin Registered Users 498 Posts
    nagoyah wrote: »
    I was hoping for a cheaper Lil Kingdom elevator or some SvZ2 sales, bah :(

    Since SvZ2 is a new release, we likely won't be having sales for a while. As for Lil Kingdom, I doubt much will happen there until a big holiday. Sorry!
  • ArchBishopArchBishop New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    Hi my friend,was wondering about how far you got level wise before you ran out of missions to play,I made it to oval 20 before running out of missions to play,have you heard if & when they'll add more missions?
  • wt1155wt1155 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Cool man this game rocks
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