Device used to play FCDD

hardeyboyzhardeyboyz Junior Member75 PostsRegistered Users
HI all.. just want to know what device that u used to play this magnificient game.. me myself use samsung galaxy note II..:D. whats yours?:rolleyes:


  • AY420AY420 Experienced Member 76 PostsRegistered Users
    Hi there,
    I'm playing on an Asus Nexus 7...
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  • Rocky TopRocky Top Expert Member 127 PostsRegistered Users
    Motorola razor HD.
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  • shannyshanny Senior Member 440 PostsRegistered Users
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.:D
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  • FrancisFrancis Advanced Member 591 PostsRegistered Users, Moderators
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus & iPad 4th Gen
  • dilg2012dilg2012 Senior Member 358 PostsRegistered Users
    Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 - good performance, samsung galaxy tab p1000 - pretty slow, generic android 4.0.4 7inch tablet 1.2 ghz processor, 512 mb ram - decent performance
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  • chemchepchemchep New Member 8 PostsRegistered Users
    nexus 7 only
  • SilentKillerSilentKiller New Member 4 PostsRegistered Users
    Using Ipad 4th generation....
  • crumpchipcrumpchip Banned 8 PostsBanned Users
    shanny wrote: »
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.:D

    count me in. :rolleyes:
  • AjcanesAjcanes New Member 36 PostsRegistered Users
    Using Ipad 4th generation....

    Same device
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