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I have some advice from someone that works in a call center with millions of customers. Grow a customer service phone #. If you have millions of customers you surely have enough $ to pay a few phone operators to assist customers with issues involving purchases. I don't have a business degree but I do know that poor customer service will make you lose business from paying customers. Also bad advertisement hurts business so much more than you could possibly hope to earn through all of your positive advertisement. Seriously guys something needs to be done. I like your games and I would hate to see you all tank over some very simple "good business" choices that you could be making but seem to choose not to.



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    That does sound like a good idea except the real gamers,who have legit questions wouldnt get thru.the forums are cleaner now but its taken alot of work!can only imagine what somebody that has the time to post under multiple names would do iif they had a number to call
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    Good point Gma! Could you imagine what a mess that would be? It's nice to see you out and about again. How's life treating you? (sorry to get off topic....send me a pm or come talk to me in our place so I don't set a bad example here lol):p
    A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. :cool:
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