Two weeks to the Grand Canyon

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Ok, so I have two more weeks of trying to get my body in shape for this hike and wouldn't you know I would throw my back out wah. Working through this and will make it even if I have to crawl lol.

On another note having chicken teriyaki with rice for lunch. Testing out one of the mountain house freeze dried meals I am taking with me and I will say its pretty darn tasty. Boy these meals have come a long way since I tried last time. Yumm!
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    Aww, sorry to hear that man. Just watch your salt intake with those processed meals, I saw one the other day with 69% of your daily allowance for salt. Don't want to turn into a piece of jerky when you die....hahahaha, or maybe you do....
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    Sounds exciting D! I hope your back gets better for your hike. I've been there plenty of times, but never down inside the canyon. It's a great time of the year to be doing that trip too.;) Make sure to take some of that freeze dried ice cream. That stuff is good! LOL
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    I had been to the Grand Canyon before, looked over the edge and drove back to phoenix true story. Now I will actually be walking down there to check it out in first person.

    The freeze dried stuff just makes the trip easier A so you don't have to lug too mush down with you that's the only reason for using plus I will be drinking plenty agua so I will be flushing the system often lol.

    The freeze dried stuff has one particular drawback, it price. Dang this stuff is $$$$.
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    Yeah that's my GC name!
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    What was the food that was freeze dried?
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    What are you going to use to heat up your water. I bought a Jetboil which makes the water boil in 2 minutes
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    Returned to Phoenix after a very exhilarating backpack trip to the Grand Canyon. I recommend this trip to Havasupai falls because it is one of the easier hikes. I thought it was quite grueling when I had to walk out and would prepare more the next time I do this trip and also add one more day.
    I would also add some things to the med kit.
    Bring more variety foods.
    Bring power bars.
    Bring single serve packets of Pedialite/Gatorade For water.
    Bring bathing suit.

    I was using someone's jet boil, great product and I will purchase one soon with the French press.
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    Yeah that's my GC name!
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