Restored factory settings lost everything

chrisdrfc1chrisdrfc1 New MemberRegistered Users 5 Posts
I restored my phone to factory settings and now i have lost all my progress on all the glu games i had. I moved all the games over to my sd card before i did this and im wondering if i can fix this


  • shannyshanny Senior Member Registered Users 440 Posts
    Unfortunately, most of the data from your games is kept on your internal memory. Doing a factory reset usually will mess up all apps that are on your device. Even moving it to an SD card won't help because some files are kept in different areas. Hopefully the customer support team will have some better information to offer you on this, but I believe once a factory reset is done, then all progress from your games was lost in that. Hopefully I am wrong on this and somebody will come along and tell you that I don't know what I'm talking about. lol. I'd really like to see you get your progress back. Good luck!!!
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