2 Explosions go off at Boston Marathon



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    I am surprised that he was marandised as I figured he would fall under the terrorist category. Now we as taxpayers will pay for a ridiculous trial and lengthy jail term because he will never get the death penalty. Our judicial system favors the criminal and not the victim, how sad.
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    Marandised? Its ridiculous...but my blessing and prayers for those who're directly or indirectly affected by the bombing.

    The world is back to chaotic everywhere..take care of yourself all and stay safe
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    Turpin wrote: »
    Correct there was 2 explosions at the finish line at the Boston Marathon. As runners were crossing 2 bomb went off. Up to 12 seriously hurt, missing limbs and lots of blood.

    Will update when they come in...

    My friends mom and little sister was there at the race one block from the explosion. Im glad her family was safe . She always panics when something happens to her mom and now this got her shocked and she grabbed her moms friend and went to get them .
    To bad the terrorists had to die instead of serving there long long long life behind bars where they should be rotting. Just happy all my friends and family from boston was safe (im going to boston on a school trip with fellow students. Just wanted to add that in)
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    One of the hardest lessons to learn Are the ones that hurt the most..
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    Wow wow wow. This story goes deeper in the USA. The FBI is looking into a terrorist cell in Fla.
    One of the hardest lessons to learn Are the ones that hurt the most..
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    dilg2012 wrote: »
    I really hate cowards. Please excuse me should this be a first outburst from me but damn them for involving innocents. I dont care what propaganda they have. They have no right. They even took the life of kid who wasnt supposed to even die yet ... 8 years old.

    May an almighty power be merciful to them because if they happen to come across the families of the loved ones who were hurt there, there would be a bloodbath i tell you. Again please excuse me for any emotion i may have against those who did this horrible crime. Im lighting a candle for those victims of the bombing.
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