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Finaly after I found your best game. And started spending on this online game I got asked to load from local or cloud choose cloud . My account is lost my credits are - 5200 glu. My account midolj is lost .it loaded with guest all from start my rank was 9 lost all friends and progress I made in game.

So please bring me back my account and cancel this negative sum in my credits.


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    I have also problem with this game.
    I try to play it. I go throw first tutorial and i notice that my glu credits get -60. Fast i try to reaload the game, but then it comes -120. I have no idea what happend. No I have -520 glu credits.
    No I cant play my Heroes of destiny, because I level up there each time with 5 glu credist boost. And now it's no point to play because, my balance lower then 0.
    Please GLU ADMINISTRATION contact with my, to fix this problem.
  • readilayreadilay Registered Users 17 Posts
    still no one from GLU administration contact with me.
    Why do you create customer care, if you have no care for customers. ?
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    Did you actually put in a trouble ticket or post in customer care, I believe posting takes a real long time for response. Trouble ticket should get answer within a week, I would hope.
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    As it is stated throughout the forums, we are unable to address currency/billing issues in the forums. Please submit a Customer Care ticket here:
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