Laptop/PC vs. Tablet: Nothing beats a laptop/PC for heavy usage/multi tasking

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For surfing the net and games, the tablet is the one I use the

most. However, for serious multitasking, nothing beats a

desktop pc or a laptop.

Out of all the laptops I have used, I am very satisfied with

my HP ProBook 4230s that I got for almost US$450. For the past

1 1/2 years, it is very reliable and fits my needs. It runs on

Windows 7, has an Intel i3 and a 350 GB hard disk. Added an

additional 2 GB RAM to make it 4 GB.

No problems so far and the only thing that I have needed to

replace is the battery. Internet explorer and bluetooth does

not work but it is not that important. I still have Google

Chrome, wifi connection and USB ports.

If I need to get another laptop later on, I will consider the

1. Lenovo (heavy duty and the original IBM)
2. Toshiba (although expensive, excellent performance)
3. HP Compaq (specifically the ProBook series)
4. ASUS (good performance)

Please feel free to suggest other good brands and models.

Comments and feedback welcome.
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    Laptops are better in EVERY aspect, tablets are nothing more then toys and people are idiots for wasting so much money one them and allowing windows to ruin operating systems to accommodate them
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