Purchase cost for Gold in Frontline Comando

adityakomatiladityakomatil New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
Hi all,

I would like to know from people who have played frontline commando on an iPad, if we want to buy some gold there are options to do that from the bank but what's the cost for those gold. I can't find them.

Basically I would like to see how much I'll have to pay for 100 gold and then provide my ITunes password. Has some had any experience on this purchase ?



  • InovoeInovoe New Member Registered Users 9 Posts
    When receiving an item on Frontline Commando it will automatically be available in your inventory. The game goes by the 5 day item and also the 15 day item where you need to play these number of days to receive the gift item. There is no place where you redeem your gift as you will receive an alert about the gift you have won and it will go to your inventory. Simply go to your inventory after you have received notification for the gift you have won and proceed to use this special item.
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