It is all about the money

hwbillmhwbillm New MemberRegistered Users 3 Posts
Latest update 3.0
This is simply all about the money and I would suggest you follow my lead and uninstall this program.
for the following reasons, which if your playing this game I assume you have had a like experience.
1) War cash is of no value yet it remains as a prize in both the Bureau ops crate and the Reasurch crate.
2) the amout of Axis points needed to upgrade weapons has been increased 40%
3) Prior to the update I had 465 life points now I only have 445
4) Prior to the update the Med kits would restore my full life cycle now only 170 or in some cases 115
5) Were I used to be able to make a kill in one or two shots with the most powerful rifle available it now take 4 of more
6) While with the new fortress, I now have new play, it seems to me that the difficult level is simply geared to burn through resources to have you purchase more at an increased rate.
7)There are other reasons for my recommendation, there is an old saying that a fool and his money are soon parted and if you are foolish enough to continue to play this game then you will be parted from your money. For me I work too hard for my money to be thought of as a fool.


  • grubbygrubby New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Yeah me too, I am over this game, I had accumulated 86 grenades, 220 gold free, about $350,000 dollars worth of useless war cash earned and won, 60 medical power ups, 25 bazookas etc. I've gone through everything but the gold and about 30 grenades on this stupid new fortress in which depletes your assets even faster than the old one. 30 minutes it took me. Version 3.0 offers no improvments, its just a cash grab to make you spend more money. You need more Axis points to do anything, but they have not increased accessability to Axis points, 90% of the time you will get 17 Axis points only for killing a spy, I can remember the last time I earned $120 points for killing the super spy. You used to get a chance to kill the spy once and hour, now its down to 3 times a day if you are lucky, all other means to earn axis points are finished if you have completed to level 40 on the fortress. Health refills are now a joke and a total ripoff.

    This game is all take take take and take some more. I am outta here, I wont be downloading anymore games from this lot EVER EVER AGAIN. Life is too short to waste on grinches. I hope your happy ??
  • TripleTripeTripleTripe New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    please, tell all the bad - with explain = please..
    so no recommend to update v 3.0 ? who is know, please tell some here..
    must upgrade ? better from 2.0 ?
  • IhateCrappyProgrammingIhateCrappyProgramming New Member Registered Users 49 Posts
    Agree. War cash is of no value; they want you to spend your $$ for gold; once you're done with the campaign, all you have left is the base defense.
    My experience with GLU is they put together something to attract or lure you in then forget you. As was said before, save your money for something that's more beer or a real game.
  • c-macc-mac Experienced Member Registered Users 140 Posts
    This company is a complete joke. They ripped me off like 700 gold a while back and basically told me to stick it. So many dumb features that makes no sense and deplete your points and equipment. Example, the armour vest from the bureau. I had like 600 axis points. You have to "attempt" to upgrade whsich cost like 362 points (or more depending on how much you want to risk) then if you get a successful attempt, it cost you more to make the actual upgrade. I risked 400 axis points, and it was a "failed attempt" meaning all those spy sightings I played where most of the time I only got like 29 points was a complete waste of time. What's with making you customers gamble??? Just make incentive that make bloody sense. Do this, earn that! Is that so hard? Makes no sense what so ever. As previously mentioned, cash continues to be a prize in the ops crate but has no value what so ever. Who's coming up with these concepts? grade 1 math students???

    I would love to be a fly on the wall for what goes on in the meetings for team behind this game.
  • c-macc-mac Experienced Member Registered Users 140 Posts
    they just did it to me again. After building up about 600 axis points, and trying to upgrade armor, I had a "failed attempt" glu does't seem to want me people to play this game I guess. I just deleted it from my phone. **** this company and it's greedy game. I'm out of here.
  • bob9901bob9901 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Have to agree. This game is really nothing more than a money grab. Not worth downloading.
  • OverlordOverlord New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    You all are so right! It used to be a fun game but all it does now is crash all the **** time.
  • wansdem77wansdem77 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    How's to claim my gold
  • courtjestercourtjester New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    One of the reasons I logged on was to find out how I can use my war cash. I 472,000 in war cash but unable to use it. I too will stop playing if I can't at least convert it to gold. Any idea from any admin on here when we can trade or war cash for gold or use it to uy weapons? I need to know if the war cash will be useful or not. This way I will know if I can free up some app space on my Iphone or not.
  • userxxxuserxxx New Member Registered Users 12 Posts
    Everyone can download software cheat free credit.Why not?
  • trieuchieu2402trieuchieu2402 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    We need more Gun,Machine,Rifle buy by Warcash and Upgrade Weapon, Armor too.
  • MafomoMafomo New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    It all depends on what you expect from a game. I'm playing since over 1 year now. I get free gold by "watching" videos. Ok, it's just 1 gold per video and the amount of available videos per day is low, but then again I get grenades for free by playing the Utah missions over and over again. I get strong weapons and armor (helmets) by regularly defeating wave 15, 45 and 50. Axis plans, required in order to develop certain weapons, can be acquired by capturing the Axis spies, average 2-3 times per day. The only items I can't replenish is bazooka rounds and bandages. Sometimes I get the from the daily free rolls, occasionally I buy some using the gold I get for free by watching the videos. Result: playing since 1 year and 0 real money spent. Of course if you guys want to become Rambo within 2 weeks then you need to soend a ****load of real money. But then again, Glu (like any other company) is not here to give you a nice game for free. They want to make money, and unless you are equipped with patience you're bound to either spend that money or leave the game. Simple as that.
    Concerning the war money, once you have bought the few weapons available with that kind of money it actually becomes useless. They created a special box, some time ago, fpr that resource. Price was 10,000 war dollars each spin. They cancelled it after a couple of days: I assume they noticed that the enormous amount of war cash many players (like me) had accumulated was offering them the chance of acquiring a huge amount of equipment otherwise available with real money only. In fact, I got so many bandages, bazooka and artillery rounds that I have run out of those resources only a couple of weeks ago :cool:
    I could never find the reason for the green value so far. Maybe some future update...?
    The only criticism I can agree with is the lack of feedback from the admins. But then again... playing since over 1 year for free, I can survive their lack of answers :p
  • HaxzenHaxzen New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    I finished the game and haven't spent a dime. I think the key is to take your time. Too many people don't want to wait and the programmers cash in on that. I don't blame them. They have to make a living too and Since when is profit a dirty word?

    They made a product that you want. You know what it is/was and you bought it. You're not mad at them for making it or profiting off of it. You're mad at yourself for buying it (if you ask me).

    You can complete the game for free. It's just going to take more time.
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