Why is Glu customer service so horrible

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I don't think I've experienced it being this bad before in any other games I've played before. Do you guys know why the customer service is so bad from this company ?

I sent 2 ticket for Amazing battle creatures game, its been 2 weeks now and no reply what so ever.

I really hope they wake up and interact with customers, because the game is awesome.

(finished first in the first PVP tournament)


  • StanfieldStanfield New Member Registered Users 24 Posts
    I myself am beginning to lose any kind of respect I had for this company. I've never seen a company shun it's player base like this. They easily take our money, but don't invest the time, money, and energy, solving their players problems with the games they created. Look at some of the posts by the admins, when has it ever been sufficient enough to use "millions of players, across many games" as an excuse as to why you can't help assist players with game problems created by your own product. If you make as much money as you've made off of me by just 10% of your player base you should have plenty of money to hire more customer service to assist your needs and the needs of your player base who helps keep your own lights on. It is a shame, a scam, and there is no excuse for such an established company in the mobile genre. Take my money the right way, by providing me with a playable game, if not, return what I gave you and we can part ways now and forever.

    Look at their customer service section of the forum. So many players with so many issues across their many games. No real customer service or help provided except for maybe an answer to their most basic questions here and there. It is a shame at how bad the communication is, and isn't right. Especially when they create games to take our money in every faucet of game design. They sit back on their end trying to decide how to get the most money out of their players, yet at no point in time do they think about taking care of their players by providing better customer service. It is a sham to all of it's player base.
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    Customer service is horrible
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