Determined to complete w/o spending a dime (Ack-ack missions)

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Obviously, this is my first post but I visited this site a few times for tips if I found myself stuck and when I complete all off the ground missions, was faced with only the air missions. I came here for tips and found many threads but none had the a info I was looking for and there are so many, I didn't know where to put it... So, yes, I decided to just start ANOTHER thread. Hopefully this one will be more helpful.

After reading the boards and tips all over the internet, I was convinced I would have to get the octamount to complete all of the campaigns but I didn't want to pay $30 for it. It was just a matter of principle really. My intent was to accumulate the 700+ gold through the free offers. Even if it took a long time So I moved on to another game as my main game and returned daily to go hunting for spies and collecting the free gold. I knew it was going to take a while but, that was kind of the idea of this hobby. It took me about an additional 40-50 days of playing. But it didn't really have to. I just took me that long to figure out how I needed to beat the remaining missions.

All this time I was spending on the game with no missions to fight really allowed me to get to know the game quite a bit and I ended up completing all the missions on all campaigns without spending a dime. Some things that I learned that I didn't read about are...

First... And the most important. Upgrade your bureau armor as high as it will go. When you're done it should be 455. I went through most of the ground campaign with my armor in the 200s and when I got to the ack-ack missions, wasted more time pumping more life into the character then shooting down planes.

Also.... In addition to raising your health all the way up, increase your "damage reduction" as much as possible (or as low as possible ::shrugs::)

With those two things done, I almost never have to use a medkit in a single campaign.

Next - some of the 'bombers' do move quickly. Especially in the Juneau campaign. Be sure to get them. They almost look like fighters because the fly so quickly. The up side is, they're so fast and light (no armor) they're easily shot down. Just be sure to hit them. Which leads me to my next suggestion...

Don't watch the crosshair on the ack-ack, watch where your rounds are going. Lead your targets and shoot in front of them and let them fly into your fired off rounds. The go down very quickly that way.

And last of my suggestions is... Worry about the bombers first. Shoot them down. Then return and take a run at the parashoots. And finally the fighters.

And then practice. Keep trying, you'll get it. Juneau was by far the most difficult but definitely reachable.

I know a lot of people aren't a fan of how difficult some of these missions are but I am. Trying to beat them really kept me interested in the game and allowed me to dig in and find another hidden layer of the game. I only wish they made more of the ground missions more difficult. Halfway through they just seemed to be more of the same old missions again and again.

But in the end I completed every mission and earned every star And did so without spending any money so it is definitely possible.

I hope this helps some people and saves some people some time and money.


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    My Bureau Armor is fully upgraded, I Have Octo-Mount ACK-ACK. .but still somehow keep failing the 2 Air Missions in OmaHa! Can U please shed sum ligHt on the situation for me please! ??
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