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AlexaAlexanderAlexaAlexander Registered Users 6 Posts
I was a lvl 66 after time and money spent on this game.... I log on yesterday and am now a lvl 1 with NOTHING


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    CorwinnxCorwinnx Registered Users 1 Posts
    I'm having the same problem, I was lvl 46 after spending a lot of time and money, and now I'm back to lvl 1, also with nothing after spending a lot of money/gold.
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    andycomenandycomen Registered Users 35 Posts
    Same here, Level 45 before and now Level 1 but thankfully I haven't spent a single cent on the game. But just lost all the time I put into the game ...
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    oldTVoldTV Registered Users 1 Posts
    I cover those problems. 19 lvl tomorrow and 1 lvl now. Return my game, please
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    denismangdenismang Registered Users 2 Posts
    je suis pareil au niveau 105 plus rien
    revenu niveau 1
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    GuerryGuerry Registered Users 4 Posts
    I was on level 47 playing...left my computer for 1 minute. When I returned I was on level 1...Whats going on? I lost 480 Platinum Eagles, 267 Gold Bars and 5,747,552 in tokens. This isn't fair and GLU should reimburse worked hard for....NOT A HAPPY CAMPER !!!
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    GuerryGuerry Registered Users 4 Posts
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    Greek HunterGreek Hunter Registered Users 3 Posts
    seme here everything lost will be fixed or not
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    chiriacchiriac Registered Users 3 Posts
    I was a lvl 51 after time and money spent on this game.... I log on yesterday and am now a lvl 1 with NOTHING--Whay??
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    Shelley SShelley S Registered Users 10 Posts
    Deer Hunter 2015:
    I am sorry you and others like myself have had this Gaming error happen.
    There was an error in the code of the last update which caused almost 99% of the players to be reset. GLU is in the process of finding said error and fixing it. There ISN'T, AT THIS TIME, AN ETA (ESTIMATED TIME of ARRIVAL) WHEN THIS FIX WILL HAPPEN.
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    rickp2rickp2 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I was level 89 and had over 30 million in money, 500 silver eagle and don't remember how many gold coins. All I know is that if they don't get my stuff back I am done, invested too much time to start over.
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    Amartin913Amartin913 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I was at lv 50+ and had over 600 plat eagles and tokens. I sent a ticket to the customer care, but haven't heard anything as of yet and that was two days ago. Not happy, this makes this the second time this has happened to me!!!!
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    itsme4uitsme4u Registered Users 2 Posts
    Havein the same problem here...I was at lvl 46, over 1k in coins & over $25mil cash!!!!
    They just did a "Maintenance Update"??? They did such a good job of it that it PUT Me Back To LVL 1...
    Anyone have any answers/solutions for this???
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    porter752porter752 Registered Users 9 Posts
    I was on lvl 59 in standard region 14 and hidden region 4 with over $400,00.00, over 400 gold bars & over 400 silver eagles. I'm very disappointed with GLU right now.
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    amitnvermaamitnverma Registered Users 2 Posts
    Have been playing the game for a long time.All of sudden everything is lost and I am back to lvl1.
    Lost my interest in the game..Would advise other not to waste time in this game.
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    bill15906bill15906 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I was a level 71 and after all this time it has me back at level 1.
    There is a issue of gold purchased which I never received on 11/14. I have contacted PayPal and have issued a formal complaint about this matter. If you want to contact Glu or Facebook, don't waste your time since you will get no reply from them.
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    GluAdminGluAdmin Administrator 2,464 Posts
    Fellow Deer Hunters on Facebook,

    There was a temporary outage in the backend drive where players’ progress
    was stored. This outage caused some Facebook players to lose their game progress.
    We are very sorry for this and have put measures in place to prevent it
    from happening in future. While we cannot recover all of the progress for
    the effected Facebook players, we would like to offer free GOLD to help you get
    back in the game.

    On game launch within Facebook, you will see a gold box in the upper left
    corner of the screen. Click on that box and you will see a place to input
    this code:


    We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for gaming with us.

    We are closing this thread and all others on this topic with the main thread remaining open for discussion. You can find that here:

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    GluAdminGluAdmin Administrator 2,464 Posts
    If you are playing on Facebook, please see this thread here:


    If you are on Android, please see this thread here:


    We are closing all threads related to progress except for the main threads in the Deer Hunter forums to keep communication clear. Thank you.
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