Transferring CKS database file from iOS 7 device to iOS 8 device?

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Through a lot of trial and error, research, and forum help; it looks like iOS 7 isn't very compatible with Contract Killer:Sniper and iOS 8 is compatible.

I have used the iExployer program to restore the CKS1 database file from one iOS 7 device to another iOS 7.

Can anyone confirm whether a game data transfer works from iOS 7 to iOS 8?

BTW; According to ARS Technica "If you have an iPhone 4S or iPad 2, you are still going to radically degrade performance if you upgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 8.1.1. So don’t do it unless you have a seriously good reason to."

Another possibility of why game issues occur are the hardware differences between iOS 7 and iOS 8 compatible devices. I have noticed that more issues occur when more people are playing the game (end of the PVP tournaments). However, hardware should only effect the game running more smoothly versus choppy and delayed graphics/animation. Unless, the game servers some how adjust to require more available resources from our individual devices, when the game server resources become low? I've never heard of a gaming network adjusting to it's users in that way, but maybe GLU development team/IT can answer that question???
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    To anyone reading this, Forum Admins and Customer Care reps are only following GLU's directives, so don't get mad at them. Having said that...

    My response from customer service: "...issues you mentioned are already reported....number one high priority issue is the PVP crash of the team is now working for the new content..."

    When I first started playing Deer Hunter in 2013, the forum drew me into a community of players, customer service, and a game developer working together; the dynamics of that have changed in the last year, which is really unfortunate, because I hadn't seen that customer-developer dynamic with any other game company. That alone sold me on GLU games and I started Dino Hunter and now, Contract Killer.

    However in the last year, restoring the integrity of the game has not been GLU's focus; making sure people can sign on and spend money is.

    The most recent example is a small amount of people using a $1 game cash for energy glitch which was posted on the game forum at least twice and it's been about a month ago since I first saw it reported on the forum. This scenario increases incentive for those spending real world money on energy to try to keep up with the free energy crowd; GLU makes more money allowing a free energy game glitch for a few people. The only recognized glitch is if GLU doesn't make money with it. Game glitch that makes money, is not a glitch.

    Another recent example is the disguise that hackers and official game testers can use to not distinguish themselves from regular players that legitimately spend a lot of real world money to be #1. However, it became very obvious that CKS1 was in fact hacked and again GLU did not check for that until legitimate players became whistle blowers AND GLU started to lose money because of it.

    My interpretation of the last 9-12 month history of GLU actions:

    1. Our top priority is for people to sign on to the game, and whether the game works properly is insignificant for now, unless it makes us more money.

    2. Making money on game errors while saving money on 'game testers'.

    3. No RW money refund policy, if they can prove they lost something due to a game glitch, we'll appease them with in-game currency which they will spend playing our game.

    PS: It is not fun to have started this game on an iOS 7 device that doesn't work well with iOS 8, and therefore this game. Without knowing whether a transfer of game data works between iOS 7 and iOS 8, I have to choose to play a game with errors or start over on an iOS 8 device. Super lame decision while waiting for GLU to see if they can do anything on their side to make iOS 7 devices work.
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