Lost everything! !! Again

PZOPZO Registered Users 260 Posts
For the 2nd time...when I'm 3 missions away from completing the game, I opened D-Day to find ALL MY PROGRESS GONE! $300K, 426 Gold, & a lil over 1500 Axis points gone! 13 Med-Kits, 11 Air Strikes, 92 grenades, & 17 bazookas GONE! I spent my real cash this time around only to get mysteriously deleted! & for the second dayyum time! I am absolutely NOT SPENDING ANYMORE CASH ON THIS GAME!!! NOT 1 RED CENT! Submitted a ticket to GLU already, but who knows how long a reply will be...& they didn't credit me anything the 1st time. I sincerely hope I'm somehow compensated for my lost this darn time. I'm sOOO frustrated RigHt now........................


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