network access error 2nd week in a row! ANDROID

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THis is the second week android users have missed one or more events with no answer or information from mods or devs. At least tell us whats being done a lot of players are leaving the game due to this on going issue.

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    We have all been extraordinarily patient during last weeks shutdown. You've reached some threshold here, glu. We put up with bugs. We put up with missing out rewards and missing some events. But the weekend-slayer is one of the few things still enjoyable in the game. Not being able to play slayer is bad enough. Not being able to play at all and in addition to that not getting any kind of information is a dealbreaker. I just left a very bad review on amazon. If you don't get it together very soon, you'll loose me as a customer. And i guess i won't be the only one...

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    I agree, we've already lost a few players to the Android update issue as seen a decline again following last weeks network access error. I will log in again after this resolves itself and see who is left. Without a response from Glu on this, Amazon players may just quit in big groups.

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    also fix the double chat, level cap and million point reward glitch.
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    so did anyone find a similar game not produced by glu we can go too?
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    (feel like talking to the hand here...)
    Hello...anybody responsible in the mood to acknowledge our problems...hello...

    Since this is a recurring problem, we de facto wait for 10 days now (!), for anybody to speak with us. Can this really be so difficult?
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    Kindle fire user
    A accessing network
    Error cannot access the network,, retry??:mad:

    Why is customer care not respond here??:rolleyes::rolleyes:
    This is the second weekend in a row that has locked out all us kindle users.
    Now that it is a regular business day ( and not a slayer event), guess what? It's working again:mad:
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    Friga you need to find the one handles posted in titled something like accessing network error and repost this so he sees it
  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator Administrator, Moderators 1,110 Posts
    We will pass along the information to the development team. Thank you for reporting it.
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