Seriously dissappointed in Customer Care and these forums.

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I posted a ticket with GLU, via Helpshift over 25 days ago, and no solution has been provided.

All I needed was a password reset.

Simple really if I'd registered my email when creating an account in game.

Or if I had logged in using Facebook.

However I was foolish enough to presume that login credentials would have been handled through Google Play services as I am playing on Android.

The only response I recieved from GLU was 6 days after submitting my ticket to tell me my request had been forwarded on to the development team.

A forum admin was kind enough to respond to a post made on the Eternity Warriors IV sub forum. But only to say that nothing could be done and that I would need to wait on Customer Care to respond to my Helpshift ticket.

After about two weeks I PM'd the 'helpful' forum admin for advice on whether or not there was a means to speed up the Helpshift process.

You guessed if folks, no response from them either.

GLU in my experience, do not 'care' for customers at all.

Game has now been deleted.

GLU can block my account and delete my forum account for all I care, they won't be getting anymore of my money, I'll not be installing any more of their games.

Not that they'll care about my rant either, after all there are plenty of customers around the world who will continue to play and pay.

Makes me wonder why they even bother with the pretense of customer care at all.


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    the only thing we as disgruntled consumers can do is to try and inform the masses of our experience with the so called customer service and Glu themselves..write reviews on the in other game groups...spread the word about your and everyone else's poor treatment and bad service..let your voice be heard..or not...90% of players on these games get frustrated and walk away without so much as a peep..
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    My experience has been the complete opposite, I submitted a help ticket from within Eternity Warriors 4 in regards to an in game issue. The auto response stating my ticket was received arrived in 2 minutes and was followed up by customer care about two hours later, at which time they asked a few simple question that I readily answered. I was told they would investigate and get back to me, about 6 hours later I had another response from them stating I should log out of the game and back in to see if the problem had been rectified.
    I did as they requested and the issue was solved to my complete satisfaction and in a very timely manner!
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